About Us


Smart Light

Leverage the magic of automation to embellish your abode with the perfect shades of light.

  • Occupancy / mood/ event based lighting scenes
  • Hands-free illumination using motion sensor
  • Natural light sensing


Climate Control

Experience comfort in a whole new way – determine what “mode” your house is in and respond with the perfect temperature, whether you’re home or away.

  • Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Ceiling and Pedestal Fan Control
  • Room Cooler / Air Conditioner Control


Enjoy a consistently comfortable and appealing home that automatically responds to your life and delivers a true next-generation experience – Control Any Device, Any Location, Any Time!

  • Personalized comfort settings
  • Turn ON appliances
  • Schedule All appliances to switch on and switch off at your preferred time
  • Control your appliances with Voice, Click, Touch or as Scheduled
  • Monitor the status, history, and behavior
  • It takes just minutes to configure each appliance!